Mentorship (K-SAP Bio 50 Program)

Karnataka Startup Advancement Programme (K-SAP Bio-50)

Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre (BBC) has launched “Karnataka Startup Advancement Programme (K-SAP Bio-50) to mentor and hand-hold select 50 bio-startups during the three years of the programme period through structured mentorship to increase their odds of success.

K-SAP Bio 50 is an acceleration program and does not include incubation.

Through K-SAP Bio-50, there will be a deep-dive engagement with the 17 bio-startups start-ups for a period of one year. K-SAP Bio 50 will look at different aspects of any start-up like scientific, business, strategy, investment, regulator, clinical trials, international collaborations etc. For each selected startup, an advance roadmap will be created, which will be tailor-made based on the type of start-up and its assessed requirements.

The broad outline of the program will include:

  • One-on-one sessions – Once in 15 days
  • Assessment Mentoring Sessions – Once in 2 months
  • Workshops, training Programs, seminars – Once in 2 months
  • Networking events – Once in 2 months
  • Ancillary Facilitation – Once in a year

The key responsibilities of C-CAMP will be to implement the program and manage routine operational matters by working closely with BBC. The equity taken in each of the start-ups enrolled in the program will be shared between C-CAMP and BBC equally.