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BBC won the Outlook Business Spotlight - Visionary Leaders Award, 2023

May 19, 2023

Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre (BBC) is delighted to share that our organization has won the Outlook Business Spotlight - Visionary Leaders Award, 2023.

OUTLOOK BUSINESS is an insightful thought-provoking, compelling, in-depth business magazine that delivers fresh perspective, coupled with a holistic approach, it is a business magazine for decision-makers. A holistic approach ensures all influences on business: economic, political, regulatory, and market-driven are examined. Views from the best in the industry supplement strong analytical in-house features. Outlook Business incorporates a global perspective in all its content.

How They Categories?

From maintaining a clear vision to building strategic plans to achieve long-term goals, the winners will come from different industrial sectors and have strong interpersonal and communication skills. These leaders will not only be forward thinkers but also believe in taking calculated risks to achieve their desired goals. Visionary Leadership Awards will recognize leaders across the country who can think out-of-box and find innovative solutions to the most difficult challenges.

These achievers would have displayed new eras of innovation and development in their organizations, and in the process, redefined the rules of business while promoting unity and tenacity to push through times of uncertainty.